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Short term and Long term programs

What is the Seoul Performing Arts High School Program?

You can experience and participate at Seoul Performing Arts High School to learn the Korean culture and also improve your skills in dance, vocals and music in general.

If you pass the school's formal admission procedure (foreigner selection), you can study at Seoul Performing Arts High School as an international student.
① KAS cooperative educational institution
KAS has a connection with this school and can offer our participants experiences as foreign exchange students. (With international student visa)
② Best Art High School
The prestigious high school “Seoul performing Arts High School” is where many Kpop stars attend or have graduated from. Celebrities such as Jongkook from BTS have graduated from this school. The famous yellow uniform is the uniform of Seoul Performing Arts High School.
③ Issuance of a student visa 
As much as this school is prestigious, the entrance level is very high. You have to pass the school’s admission screening test (foreigner selection). If you pass the screening test, you will be issued an international student visa. KAS will assist and manage your visa issuance.

School Facilities  

Program information

The program
Seoul performing arts highschool : Long term or short term experience & cultural exchange
Subject to admission
Junior high school graduates can enter high school 1 to 3 years.
Applicants must pass the school’s entrance screeing examination.
Language ability
Intermediate or higher levels of Korean language skills are required.
4 departments : department of Practical dance, department of Practical music, department of Theater and Film, department of Performing Arts.
Time of admission
Regular international students: You can apply in spring and autumn every year. KAS will inform you of the school announcements. For short term exchange please contact us.
Resident visa
International student visa required
KAS operated dormintary housing
Enrollment fee : 900,000 won
Tuition fee : 5,308,000 won
Operation union fee : 720,000 won
Lunch : 1,055,300 won
Uniform : 207,000 won + 88,000 won
Other costs
Housing, daily management (guardian), other school expenses that may occur
KAS offers separate additional programs if the participant wishes to participate in auditions or training while studying on this program. (Only available for students who have passed entrance exam)

Benefits of the program 


KAS staff member always puts our students' safety first. We will make sure to guide, mentor and manage school life, daily life, and additional activities during your stay.


The education will be based on the Korean schooling system and the curriculum will follow Seoul performing arts highschool system. To get the most out of your exchange, additional classes are available with after school academy classes, group activities and personal practice. Please contact us for more details.


Once a month, KAS will have a counseling session with the participant and all contents will be forwarded to the parents via ZOOM session.

Entrance into University

If you have further ambitions to apply for a university in Korea, KAS will support you on your journey and career path. KAS can help you enter university majors in the Department of practical dance, Department of Practical music and the Department of film and Cinematography. *enquiry for more information 

School of Performing Arts Kpop
Idol graduates

Below is a list of famous Kpop idols that have graduated from Seoul performing arts high school
Male entertainers
Idol group
Kai, Sehun
Taeyeon, Jaehyun, Mark
Escups, Dogyeom
Hyunjin,  Aien
Female entertainers
Idol group
Lei, Wonyoung
Red Velvet 
Sulgi, Joy
Jiho, Arin
Ji-ae, Soo-jung
Yeon-woo, Nayoon, Ain

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