KPOP study Abroad

Professional dance & choreography training

Program for participants wishing to develop into professional dancers & choreographer of Kpop idols.

Mentors are world-class acknowledged teachers who are active worldwide.

We recommend intermediate or higher level standard students for application. Beginner levels who are willing to input double the time and effort may apply.

Features of the professional training center

Dance course choices are from the world famous dance schools, OneMillion, X Academy and JUSTJERK.
The dance schools are run by world dance tournament winners and famous Kpop choreographers and Kpop idol instructors.
All these dance schools and mentors have a massive following on SNS and media channels.
The characteristics and strengths of each dance school are different. Each school offers different curriculums according to the students' standards, level and goals.

Dance School Curriculums

1MILLION (One Million)
The master level class is for intermediate/advanced students. You will learn choreography that incorporates the personality and style of each mentor. Through learning at 1Million, students are inspired to create their own choreography and personal unique style of dance.
*The master level class is held after 5pm every week. You can freely choose lessons according to your preference.
X Academy
Specialized classes are offered for audition preparing students who dream of becoming entertainers or professional dancers.
*Twice a week / 3 months (24classes in total)
You can select your 2 times a week choice of from Monday ~ Sunday
  • The instructor in charge of the class provides productive and immediate feedback.
  • There is a final exam after the 3month class period. A detailed feedback is provided by the mentors.
  • Special mentoring lectures by invited guest dancers & choreographers.
  • FLEX (student performance showcase) is held twice a year on average.
  • Online and offline audition opportunities for YG ENT, YGX, THE BLACK LABEL and other new development teams.
Week 1
Weekdays: 1 master class & 1 elective class (feedback after class)
Weekends: Pop training & Physical training
Weekdays: 1 master class & 1 elective class (feedback after class)
Weekends: Know-how of hip-hop training and choreography creation
Weekdays: 1 master class & 1 elective class (feedback after class)
Weekends: Isolation training & free style class
Weekdays: 1 master class & 1 elective class (feedback after class)
Weekends: Hip-hop training & end of month evaluation
*Participate in classes 2 times every weekday + Saturday (total 3days). Practice in detail

 Professional dance & choreography program registration & start date

The course is offered 4 times a year
(*start dates are according to the language school semesters)
Course month
Application deadline
End of December
End of March
End of June
End of December

Studying abroad in Korea : Language School

In order to attend the program and train here in Korea for KPOP idol (trainee) auditions, you’ll need a valid visa to stay in Korea for a long time as a foreign student studying abroad. It is essential to be fluent in Korean to communicate with the instructors and represent yourself in the classes. Therefore, you will learn Korean by registering at a language school run by a prestigious university located in the area close to the dance school.


All participants are offered housing operated by KAS in Seoul. We make sure our housing is safe and comfortable for all our students. As many participants are young of age, KAS especially makes sure housing is safe for our students.

*Depending on your length of stay, different housing solutions may be offered depending on the situation at the time.

 SchoolProgram information (Covid19 period)

Please enquire us for information
6months (3month option negotiable)
Start date
Based on the start date of the language school in order to obtain a student visa
Applicant requirement
High school graduates (due to covid19 student visa regulations)

 SchoolProgram information (Covid19 period)

Please enquire us for information
Starting from 3months+
Start date
Beginning of the month
Applicant requirement
High school graduates & older (tourist visa is issued)

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