Department of Dance pre-admissions prepartory course

This is a course that prepares for participants wishing for admission into the Department of Dance at HanYang University or SeoKyeong Univeristy.
This program is a 6month course and you will have to attend Korean Language school while taking this course. (Attending language school will allow you to obtain a student visa during your stay)

*Extension of the course is negotiable, and can be made in 3month units.

■ Benefits of this course

1. Optimal education in Korea, the home of Kpop.

KAS will provide a course practical and accommodated for university entrance in Korea. Intensive dance lessons will be provided in order for you to improve your skills in a short amount of time. KAS will guide you through this course to help you increase your chance in getting accepted into the Department of Dance at HanYang or SeoKyeong University.
2. Bachelor’s degree

HanYang University is one of the top 5 ranked universities in Korea and ranked 30th in the ranking of universities in asia. HanYang university has a well known dance faculty and the dance department is one of the highest ranked in Korea. HanYang university is one of few universities that offer a 4 year bachelor’s course in dance.
3. After graduation

Graduating from HanYang or SeoKyeong university provides higher job opportunities in the dance and kpop entertainment industry.

Conditions for applicants

 Korean abilityTOPIK level 3 or higher is required
 Dance ability A video screening test must be submitted. Applicants who have passed the screening test will be allowed to apply.
 Schooling level Applicants must have graduated highschool
 Nationality This program is only for foreigner/international students. (Both parents must be non-Korean)
 start date & when to apply
  • Applications for this program start in March, June, September and December.
  • The program duration is six months
  • University admissions are twice a year - March and September
**If you care aiming to enter university in March apply for our 6month course in September
**If you are aiming to enter university in September apply for our 6month course in March
 registration & start date
semesters)Application into our program
Course month
Application deadline
End of November
End of February
End of May
End of September
 course process and contents
WINNERS dance studio
Daily dance lessons (3 hours maximum on weekdays, 6 hours maximum on weekends)
Private dance lessons
Implemented before each university entrance exam
Korean language school

Myeong-ji University Language school (1 semester 200 hours)

KAS will guide you through arrangement & registration

*there is registration and & tuition fee
University entrance exam preparation
Examination support on application & document  preparation and submission will be offered

KAS will help with arrangement of housing at S-house.

Arrangement - (entrance fee) - payment of deposit - rent for period of stay - (management fee) - move in - KAS staff support upon arrival
Upon entrance
After an online entry orientation, KAS will guide you through transportation from the airport, opening SIM card, school information, visa registration card application, and opening of a bank account.

■ Dance lesson schedule

  • This is an example of a basic lesson schedule
  • One lesson is 90minutes. There will be 2 lessons on weekdays and 3 lessons on weekends.
  • Various genres of dance are available depending on applicants needs.
 Studying abroad in Korea: Language School
In order to attend the program and train here in Korea you’ll need a valid visa to stay in Korea for a long period of time.
[Class Capacity] 
15 people per class

Class grade 1 to 6: 10 weeks per semester / 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
4 hour classes per day (200 hours in total)

[Class time]
1st and 2nd grade: 14:00~18:00
3rd grade to 6th grade: 9:00~13:00
 Documents to be submitted
Application form
Transcripts and graduation certificate from highschool
Copy of applicants passport
Official bank statement of balance more than $10,000 (issued within the last 30days in the name of the applicant) *In english
Report card of TOPIK 3rd grade or higher
All documents submitted will only be used for applicants' visas and school submissions.
All procedure takes 2 weeks on average to process.

KAS headquarters

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(in business hours)

Business hours : 10:00AM – 6PM KST
Tel : +82-10-8254-5991
E-mail :
Line : @915cycca

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