KAS x HanYang University admission prepartory course

This is a preparatory course for admission into HanYang University, Erica Campus department of dance (contemporary dance)
This course is a collaboration course between KAS and HanYang University. Through this collaborative course, we provide applicants with the best preparation and management with the highest ranked dance department in Korea.

 What is HanYang University, Erica campus?

HanYang University is one of the top 5 ranked universities in Korea and ranked 30th in the ranking of universities in asia. HanYang university has a well known dance faculty and the dance department is one of the highest ranked in Korea. HanYang university is one of few universities that offer a 4 year bachelor’s course in dance.

The Erica campus is the Education Research Industry Cluster campus of HanYang University located at Ansan, Korea. On this campus, collaborative research and on site training with laboratories and companies are active. This is becoming a new standard for universities around Korea.

Location: 55, HanYang Uniersity-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyronggi-do

■ Contemporary Dance at Erica campus

At the department of contemporary dance at Erica campus, you will learn and practice all dance genres including street dance, hip hop, ballet and traditional dance. The department of Contemporary Dance at Erica campus aimes for students provotion of a rich sense of rhythm and various body movements, and through that students are revitalizing dance art ability so they can think creatively through work practice and school integration.

■ 4 year course

First year
Ballet, Korean traditional dance, contemporary dance, world dance history etc.
Second year
Dance composition, choreography workshop, dance major practice, musical repertory, musical practice, practical dance practice
Third year
Educational theory, stage theory, dance aesthetics, dance psychology, choreography
Fourth year
Educational studies and teaching(physics), dance major, choreography practice, dance appreciation and criticism, performance art field research

■ After graduation

Graduating from HanYang university provides higher job opportunities in the dance and kpop entertainment industry.

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