At KAS, we are currently offering two types of intensive courses. 
Kpop Idol intensive and Dancer intensive courses. 
Each course slightly differs depending on the type of program.


Class tuition fees
Gosiwon/dormitory housing (upgrade available)
Airport pickup (one-way)


(You will be responsible for these expenses separately)
Health insurance *if needed
Living expenses
Transportation expenses
Telecommunication fees
Overseas remittance fee

KPOP Dance Lesson

We offer many audition opportunities and you can take dance classes at famous dance schools that have produced many successful trainees. 

Professional dance instructors will teach, train and grade students based on skills and competence.

Students have an average of eight audition opportunities per month.

Training center environment

WE FLEX DANCE studio has been introduced in a video promotion of Seoul featuring BTS and designated as an official KPOP training institution. It’s located in the Hongdae area, a central region of arts. 

Since it’s a studio run by an entertainment business, there are additional chances to be on television waiting for you! The studio environment is one of the best with the best experienced instructors. The studio is open 24hours for practice anytime of the day. 
The studio features a large size of room around 300 m² and high ceiling of 4m15cm, with bright and luxurious decorations. It is often used by many kpop idol stars(such as LOVELYZ, STAYC, Golden Child, etc.) and TV shows.

Idol Audition Training program curriculum

average of 8 times per month
*Training lessons for auditions 
① Dance lessons : 8 times a month 
② Group vocal lessons : Twice a month
③ Special class : Once a month (By entertainment agency staffs, celebrities, famous dancers, etc.)
④ Monthly evaluation tests
Basic dance class
4 times a month4回
Additional benefits
opportunities to appear on TV and Youtube videos(entertainment, dance, vocal related shows)
Registration benefits
personal counseling, dance practice studio open 24 hours, free lockers, specials discount on profile photo shoots, etc.
On registration day (first day) our staff will accompany you
Our KPOP idol training curriculum is based on the training system of many entertainment agencies.

  • 1:1 audition constulation and individual training planning
  • Individual portfolio making for auditions. (Promotion, position setting, song selections for auditions etc..)
  • Visual Directing (diet, overall analysis, improvement)
  • PR training (promotion training) for auditions
  • dance and basic management training
  • Health care and physical strengthening
  • On-stage training for live performances
  • Feedback and audition planning by rookie development team of Korean entertainment agencies

Program Timeline (long-term)

The course is offered 4 times a year
(*start dates are according to the language school semesters)
Course month
Application deadline
End of December
End of March
End of June
End of December

Studying abroad in Korea : Language School

In order to attend the program and train here in Korea for KPOP idol (trainee) auditions, you’ll need a valid visa to stay in Korea for a long time as a foreign student studying abroad. It is essential to be fluent in Korean to communicate with the instructors and represent yourself in the classes. Therefore, you will learn Korean by registering at a language school run by a prestigious university located in the area close to the dance school.


All participants are offered housing operated by KAS in Seoul. We make sure our housing is safe and comfortable for all our students. As many participants are young of age, KAS especially makes sure housing is safe for our students.

*Depending on your length of stay, different housing solutions may be offered depending on the situation at the time.

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